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Beliefs and Superstitions

Beliefs and Superstitions

There are endless beliefs and superstitions governing every aspect  of life from birth to death and every single item  of daily life. Learned people disregarded some of these beliefs and superstitions of the folk,  but sometimes meet with obstacles and they find themselves with problems to which  there are only very difficult or as yet  unfound  answers. They ultimately betray a medieval mind, impervious to the winds of change blowing all over the world.

Beliefs Regarding Birth of Children 

These are many and varied. A child should not be born at mid day or at mid night. A child  should  not be born with Chitrai  as the birth  star, because, Chitra guptan, the faithful servant of Yama  was  born in this star.

Birth in swati star  is said to be bad for any child. A boy is extremely  lucky to be born in Moola but woe unto a girl born under this star. A person  is considered  fortunate  if  he has a piece of  agricultural land near his village and a child born  in Uttradam star. He who is born in Bharani will rule the earth. A grand father may, prefer to death to hearing that his grand son's star is Kettai. A father will become a beggar  if a boy is born in the Chitrai star. A birth  in Rohini is inauspicious  for the child's uncle. A girl born in avittam will find gold even  in a pot of bran. Pooradam is an undesirable star for girls.

Daughter should be born  in odd number  in the sequence of birth i.e. first, third, fifth  children should be girls. A fourth-born girl is said to ruin the house, but a fifth-born girl will bring gold to the house. A fifth born boy will squander  away all the wealth. A six-born  girl brings either prosperity or poverty. A seventh-born girl will utter poverty  to the family. She cannot be successful even as a beggar. An eighth-born girl destroys  everything. She has a glimpse of Ettavathu penn ettipatha idam kuttichuvaru. A tenth-born  girl makes wealth  fly away like cotton. In view  of these beliefs, contracting parties to a marriage make enquires about the number of the birth of the groom or bride.

When twins are born, if both of them are boys, the family is said to have turned a leaf for the better  and there is very great rejoicing. It is not inauspicious  if both the children  are girls. A boy and a girl born together  forebode evil to  the family.