Monday, September 28, 2020


Beliefs and Superstitions

Beliefs about Days of the Week

A bride does not leave her mother's  house on Friday, immediately after  the completion of the marriage rites, the departure ceremony is postponed to the  next day. 

Large number  of people do not  make any payments  on Fridays, except giving  small coins to beggars. People  do not  sell property on Fridays. A man  doing an important  act  on a Tuesday  may risk losing his food. Wednesday is the best day for important  ventures and is as 'good as gold'. Thursday are unsuitable to offer first hospitality to guests. A person  setting  out on a Sunday for an important  price if work may have to wonder aimlessly like a dog.

Beliefs about Months

 The Tamil Ani and Panguni are avoided for house-warming  functions and the marriage of the eldest child and Adi and Margazhi for all marriages