Monday, July 15, 2024


It is very easy to fall in love with an animal- especially when it is small, cuddly and playful. But loving an animal is one thing, raising it in your home as part of your family is quite another. 

Most of us think of adopting pets for all the wrong reasons.. as a companion for kids where parents are busy, as a child substitute for people who doesn't have kids, as a burglar alarm, as a statement of affluence or a status symbol etc., most of which will end in the pet becoming unwanted or neglected after the initial interest subsides. The only right reason for keeping a pet should be because you want to keep it and love and care for it genuinely as one in your family. Raising a pet as part of your family means assuming complete responsibility for another living creature's quality of life. Hence it is absolutely essential to understand the basic nature and essential needs of any animal that you want to adopt as a companion.

Having a pet has its advantages.. A true bonding with a pet animal can give quality to our life and has been proved to give longevity by reducing stress, blood pressure and heart disease. Pets has a way of listening without judging and loving its owner unconditionally. Pets can also help children by motivating them to improve motor skills and overcome behavioral problems. Kids having pets are seen to develop a greater sense of responsibility and a higher degree of self confidence. 

So if you are thinking of adopting a pet go with it with your eyes wide open.. think about the pros and cons and adopt one, only if you have the sensitivity to recognize that your 'pet' is a living creature who is totally dependent on you for all its needs and are willing to take up the ongoing responsibility and the expenses involved, only then you can enjoy the subsequent joy the hobby can bring...