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Angelfish Varieties

Altum Angel (Deep Angel)

One of the most beautiful of all angel species, its forehead is more steeply sloped and the body is taller than the other angels. Fins are longer and pointy.  The body is silver gray with a greenish patches. Four dark, transverse bands cover the body, and one or two faint bands are also present.  The first dark band runs through the eye; the second runs near the mid-section of the body, while the third runs from the tip of the dorsal fin, through the body, and to the tip of the anal fin.  The final band runs on the caudal penuncle.

Altum Angel
Scientific Names :Pterophyllum altum.
Family :Cichlidae.
Origin : Northern South America.
Diet :Live Food, vegetation.
Temperament :Territorial, peaceful fish,better in species tank.
Life Span :10 years.

Angelfish - Marble

One of the beautiful freshwater fish with a good temperament. The fish get their name from the marbled spots of silver, black and white on their scales. Their body, if viewed from the side, looks like a broad arrowhead. Their dorsal fins are long and narrow, and they have little pectoral fins.

Scientific Names :Pterophyllum scalare.
Family :Cichlidae. 
Origin : Central Amazon, Peru, Eastern Ecuador.
Diet :Omnivore, enjoys live foods.
Temperament : Peaceful, but will eat small fish.
Life Span : 10 years.

Angelfish - Black

It is also one of the most beautiful freshwater fish available. Their body, if viewed from the side, looks like a broad arrowhead.  Black Angel Fish are mostly black but some of them have a few patches of silver.

Scientific Names : Pterophyllum scalare ssp.
Family :Cichlidae.
Origin : South America.
Diet :Omnivore,  live food, frozen and flake foods.
Temperament : Good temperament. An AngelFish will be well adjusted to a community tank if it is raised in it.
Life Span : About 5 years.

Angelfish - Blue

Similar to the Queen Angelfish. This angelfish is yellowish-tan with areas of bright light blue trim. Blue Angel fish should be kept in large aquariums.

Scientific Names : Holacanthus isabelita.
Family : Pomacanthidae. 
Origin :Caribbean.
Diet : Omnivore.
Temperament : Non-aggressive.
Life Span :15 years.


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 1.  Posted on : 23.7.2018  By  :  R. RAMACHANDRAN , View Answer (0) Post Answer

I have recently installed a 4 ft fish tank with curved glass. It was placed in a place where nearby window's reflection falls on the glass and disturbs view. Any solution?

 2.  Posted on : 15.9.2013  By  :  Udaya Kumar Tom , Bangalore View Answer (2) Post Answer

Where should the fish pot or aquarium be placed in a house.


Place it in the Nort-East side of house

  Posted By :Yabu , Coimbatore | On 20.1.2016

Place it in the North-East corner of the house.

  Posted By :Ravi , Erode, Tamil Nadu | On 11.3.2014
 3.  Posted on : 5.7.2012  By  :  Phad , Pune View Answer (1) Post Answer

Sir i have fish tank 2' x 1' x 1', include goldfish 4, sakar 2, Koi 1, and Angle 1. Last week per day 1/2 two fish die, after that i change the water, also put tablet as per instruction of fish dealer. but after that 2 goldfish and 1 koi and 1 subhankar is dead. tel l me how i maintained my fish tank with goldfish and which is the cofish with goldfish.


Dear sir, instead of having a variety of fishes who shares different habitats, one should lay more emphasis on the ecosystem of the aquarium. Your fish tank is relatively small and therefore just 4-5 goldfishes including one black moor (from feng-shui point of view)without including koi or angels. Change water after at least 3-4 weeks time (use good filters and O2 pump) and feed less pallets to fishes. Add prescribed amount of anti-fungals and please add little bit of salt at the time of changing water/cleaning the tank.

  Posted By :Ashish Banerjee , New Delhi | On 28.8.2012
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