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Poorakali is a temple festival in the northern areas of Kerala, held in the Bhagavathy temples extending for nine days in the Malayalam month of Meenam. This festival celebrates the rejoicing on the rebirth of Kama, the god of love and the enjoyment of people in regaining the feelings of love that were lost when Kama was burnt by the third eye of Shiva. Poorakkali combines in itself, the rich elements of dance, music, martial art, literature, poetry and philosophy. In a particular section in this repertoire, known as 'Andum Pullum', it is described how Shiva and Parvathy in the guise of Pulluvan and Pulluvathy approach Indra, the celestial ruler and procure the land and seeds for cultivation on earth. It also portrays how Indra magnanimously showers rain for a rich crop.