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Third Trimester

The third trimester (7th month- delivery) is the most important period for both mother and child. Weeks of waiting and wondering will finally culminate with in short period. You may be anticipating the birth of your baby with pleasure, excitement and anxiety, which can be described as a nameless feeling of bud, which is waiting for blossom. It might be hard for you to believe that in a few short months you will be holding a new baby in your arms. You will have physical changes as the baby develops and grows in the womb and emotional changes as the idea of a new life becomes real. But at the same time, this time feel more uncomfortable for you because of this physical and emotional changes. The fetus grows rapidly during the last three months, multiplying its weight about three to four times. Usually the third trimester is the best time for preparing for your delivery. During this time your abdomen is very large and firm. You can see the movements of your baby clearly. By the end of the ninth month the baby is probably in the head first position in preparation for the delivery.

Seventh Month D
uring the seventh month, the baby is growing and gaining weight, so there is less space in your uterus and the aminotic fluid will start diminishing. This may affect the movement of the fetus and hence  you might not feel the movement and kicks as much as you felt during the second trimester. It is during this last three months that a fetus grows most. During this time the baby will respond actively to the sound and touch. You can feel your baby's arms and legs if you watch your abdomen. His skin becomes thicker but smoother and will be covered with a white coating called vernix'. This protects your baby's skin as he floats in the amniotic fluid, preventing his skin becoming prune-like during his 9-month bath. Babies are actually asleep for most of their time in the womb. Baby can open his eyes and used to suck his thumb and cry.  He loses most of the downy hair  known as lanugo from his body. By the end of this month he weighs1.6 kg (approx) and measures about 40-42 cm. His lungs, heart control and digestive system is immature now and there is a good chance of survival with expert pediatric care if the baby born now2    . 

Eighth Month
During this month, the fetus is too big to move around but it is possible for him to kick strongly and roll around. At this stage, many baby's, especially first baby's head will probably have descended into the mother's pelvis, ready for the birth. His brain is growing rapidly, and most of the internal systems are well developed except lungs. The brain and nerves started directing bodily functions. You can feel the baby's elbow or heel through your abdomen. At present the head bones are soft and flexible to make it easier for baby to fit through the birth canal. Nerve ending of your baby's ears are get connected now and it is possible for him to hear distinct sounds. If you are having a boy, his testicles have dropped from his abdomen where they will then descend into his scrotum. A layer of fat is forming underneath the thin, thus the skin will become less wrinkled, transparent and glowing. Soft nails have grown to the tips of his fingers and toes. Baby is practicing opening his eyes and breathing. The baby will gain about 28 gm every day for the remaining four weeks in the womb. By the end of this month your baby may weigh 2.5kg and measures about 46cm (18 inch).

Ninth Month & Beyond 
This is the average time for a baby to be ready to be born. Baby's lungs are mature and ready to start their function. His brain is still be developing rapidly. During this month, baby gains about 1 kg.  Usually baby will be in head down position and rests in the mother's lower abdomen. Some vernix will usually left on your baby, and it may still have some lanugo on its shoulder, arms and legs. A dark tar- like substance called meconium gathers in the baby's intestines; this will be passed in his first bowel movements after birth. His immune system is still immature, so he is receiving antibodies through the placenta, and after he is born he will get antibodies through your colostrum and milk. His fingernails may be so sharp that he scratches himself with them. By this time,  your baby may weigh 2.5kg and measures about 46cm (18 inch).

Changes in Mother
At this final count down, you may experience various doubt and fear mixed with exhilaration. You are longing for the pregnancy to be over. Your body's ungainly proportions don't help your mood either. You will have a feeling of heaviness in your lower abdomen. At the beginning of the third trimester, as the baby grows larger, he presses on your internal organs and it may lead to the problems such as breathlessness, heartburn etc but once the baby's head drops into pelvis most of these problems will get reduced. On the other hand, your bladder will be under more pressure, so you may need to urinate even more frequently.   Back aches, muscle cramps, and swelling of the hands and feet are quite common. 

In the final two week. your pelvic joints expand for the birth, so you may have some discomfort in this area. With that your cervix will be softening in preparation for the labour. You will experience vigorous fetal movements, sometimes visible even through clothing. You may not get any comfort sleep because lying on your back makes you breathless. Sleeping on the left side by holding the upper leg and abdomen on pillows is quite helpful. Your navel will have flattened or even popped out.  

There will be an increase in body temperature as the fetus radiates body heat which cause the mother feel hot. Swelling of the ankles, hands, and face may occur (called edema), as the mother continues to retain fluids. Colustrum, a fluid in the breasts that nourishes the baby until the breast milk becomes available, may leak from the nipples. Also breasts feel full, and bluish veins appear beneath the skin. A supportive bra will help relieve discomfort. More stretch mark will be appear on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. 

Towards the end of the pregnancy, noticeable contraction of the uterus, called Braxton Hicks contractions, increase in frequency. These contractions, which have occurred intermittently throughout pregnancy.

Sexual interest may decrease as both partners feel overwhelmed by the size of the pregnancy and the mother becomes increasingly tired and uncomfortable

At the beginning of the third trimester, your physician will insist you to have prenatal visit once in every two weeks and by the end of the eighth month, your prenatal visits may be scheduled to every week. It will depend on the medical condition of the expectant mother and development of the baby. Your health care provider will continue to monitor your blood pressure and weight, as well as the activity and movements of the fetus. 

Pregnancy is a unique experience for every woman. Your sensations may vary from those of your friends who are at the same point in pregnancy. It is better to ask to your friends, relatives or even from your mother about their experiences during pregnancy and share yours.

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