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The symptoms of pregnancy vary from woman to woman. Some experience a variety of symptoms and others experience none of the signs of pregnancy. Missing a period is the most obvious indication, but there are others which you may, or may not, experience

The early signs of pregnancy include:

• A missed period, or a rather scanty one.
A missed period is usually one of the first indicators of pregnancy for women. However, some women experience spotting or a light menstrual-like flow, when implantation occurs (about 10 days after conception). The bleeding that occurs when the developing embryo becomes implanted into the uterine wall is lighter and shorter in duration than is menstrual bleeding.

• Breast Changes (Heaviness and tenderness)
Many women feel an overall tenderness and heaviness of the breasts. The areola (nipple area) becomes more sensitive, sometimes painfully sensitive, and darkens. The breasts become more full and the veins often become more apparent. These changes begin as early as one week after conception. 

• Nausea and sickness, or changing tastes
Most pregnant women become sensitive to certain smell and experience nausea, vomiting etc. Some develop an aversion to certain things liked before. The intensity with which women experience morning sickness varies tremendously. This feeling may persist through the first trimester or longer. 

• Increased frequency of urination
Most women feel like emptying bladder more frequently than usual. 

• Fatigue
Fatigue and shortness of breath are common early in pregnancy. You may feel exhausted at the day's end, even when you haven't done anything out of the ordinary. 

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 1.  Posted on : 21.8.2016  By  :  Jyoti Bahoria , Plot. no. 206 shree durga niwas, rewatinagar BESA View Answer (0) Post Answer

I am 30 years of age,I am diagnosed with PCOS last year, I always had regular periods and I am mother of a 4 year old boy my problem is my acne which I may facing since last 5to 6 years and it's recurring,I am fed up of this acne is there any treatment please suggest me It will be of great help.

 2.  Posted on : 6.7.2015  By  :  Poonam , Kolkata View Answer (0) Post Answer

My mother has got a renal mass in her right kidney approx 7cm and what we understood by her reports was that she has tiny multiple cysts in her lower pole, the doctor has told us that it is not malignant and non enhancing, but we have just done a ct scan and blood tests not even any biopsy so how can he be so sure it is not malignant, she seldom gets a lower back painin her right side, we are taking her to another consulting doctor for a second opinion, as to no what should be done, she is also type 2 diabetic

 3.  Posted on : 31.8.2014  By  :  Litu , Bangladesh View Answer (0) Post Answer

Hi, I am from Bangladesh. I donated blood to my wife without knowing the fact that it is dangerous. Now she is pregnant of two months. The blood group of both of us is O+. Could you tell me what risks may occur & what precaution should we take?

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