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The 6 to 12 months of your baby

Standing and walking 
Most babies will pull themselves up to a standing position by holding on to some support, for the first time between 9 and 12 months. But some babies may do that even earlier. Once he gains confidence to pull himself up first and then get back down, he will want to spend more and more time standing. By 12 months most of them take their first walking steps with support more often sideways holding on to something with both hands. Falls are common when they first begin to walk, so take care to protect them. The ages at which they begin to walk unsupported may differ widely with babies. Some may take steps on their own as early as 10 months but others may do so only after their first birthdays in 15 or 16 months.   

Height and Weight
The variables affecting growth, especially weight, in this period are many. By 8 months of age, most babies weigh around 6.3 - 8.1kg, although the normal range is wider than that. After the first 12 months of life, most babies will probably have just about tripled their birth weight and will probably stand about 70-80cm (28 to 32 inches) tall.

Physical Changes of your Baby

The Eighth and Ninth Month

  • Many babies begin to crawl. If they don't crawl they start moving from one place to another by whatever method she uses as 'crawling'.

  • Starts to be interested in pulling herself up to a standing position by holding on to some support.

  • Leans forward while sitting without toppling over.

  • Shouts most effectively to get what they want, to be fed, or to get a toy or to be picked up. 

  • By the end of the eighth month, he may begin to use different syllables all in the same breath.

  • Puts objects inside other things and likes rolling objects.

  • Holds two things simultaneously and transfers them from one hand to the other. 

  • May be frightened of other people outside her immediate family.

  • Enjoys watching herself in a mirror. More time is now spent closely examining objects with the eyes and hands. 

The Tenth Month

  • Can possibly stand up without support for a few minutes and even take a few steps with support. 

  • Loves to climb stairs

  • Baby says "mama", "baba" or "dada." 

  • Recognizes several words

  • Starts to be fearful of bath and loud sounds.

  • Tries to help you dress her

  • Searches for something if you hide it.

  • Discovers that she can say 'no'- and you discover she means it.

  • Enjoys sitting in a high chair or push-chair and dropping things over the side for you to pick up so that the game can start again, and infinitum.

The Twelfth Month

  • Most of the babies walk without support

  • Finds stairs fascinating and goes up and down them.

  • Points to things or people.

  • Holds small objects between the tips of the thumb and index finger.

  • Removes lids

  • Starts to stay a few clear words.

  • Starts to imitate new sounds. for eg. A cat, noise of car.

  • Responds to requests or calling his name.

  • Recognizes parts of her body.

  • He says a few other one-syllable words

  • Enjoys looking at books.


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 Ramesh, cbe    15/5/2015
Thanks for ur advice.... I learn hw to make my baby in yr of middle stage.... Thank u

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