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4 to 6 months of your baby

First MonthDuring these months you will see your baby develop into a real personality. Although there are toys aimed at this age group, he needs and loves, people most of all. When he is awake, talk to your baby about everything you do and praise any sound he makes,  smile and respond to his facial expressions. There is no need for expensive toys.  Toys like rattles, bright picture books or any ordinary, safe objects which stimulate the senses, with colors, texture, sounds and smells serve the purpose just as well.  Position old postcards and photographs or a child's non glass mirror near him, so he can look at and smile at himself.  A rattle in his hand can keep him engaged for a long time.

While babies may progress at different rates, the following are some of the common milestones your baby may reach in this age group

Your baby's digestive system is incapable of absorbing and digesting solid food until she is at least three months old, so feed her with breast or formula milk until then. By the time your baby grows closer to age 6 months you will find that he is no longer satisfied with the bottle or breast feed alone and may feel hungry very soon after a feed. By 4-5 months you can slowly start introducing solid food. 

How to introduce solid food
Always begin with one to two teaspoonfuls of food. Gradually increase the amount of food depending on the baby's appetite. A small teaspoon of a grain or rice solid food cereal, mixed with milk, purees of fruits or vegetables are good beginners. Do not introduce your baby to too many new flavours at a time. Introduce one food at a time and wait at least 24 hours before adding a new one. This way you can identify any particular likes or dislikes, as well as giving your baby a variety of tastes to try.  

Pick a time when baby is hungry, but not starving.  You can either sit him on your lap or put him in a chair facing you. Put the spoon between your baby's lips so that she can suck the food off.  Her initial reaction may be push the food away with his tongue. She may be surprised at the taste and sensation at first, so be patient and talk to her encouragingly. 

She may quickly discover that she enjoys this new experience. If she pushes the food out, scrape it up and put the spoon between her lips again. When she is had about a teaspoonful of food wipe her mouth and chin and go back to her normal feeding. The amount and thickness of the cereal gradually can be increased. After several weeks most babies eat cereal twice a day. Always make sure the baby is sitting up to eat and drink.

Types of Foods
You can either prepare the food yourself or use a commercial brand of baby food. Once the baby has mastered cereals, other new foods can be tried. As a first taste of solid food, purees of fruit or vegetables, or a baby cereal are ideal. Bananas and papayas are easily digested. Do not introduce citrus fruits, orange, tomatoes, fish, berries, egg whites, spinach etc. Never add salt to a baby food as even a small amount of salt can cause dehydration. 

Yoghurt is also good for your baby. Mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, corn and peas are all good. Mashed bananas, pears and apples or apple juice are appropriate fruits for the baby. For oils and fats, you can use cooking oil, butter and margarine. 


  • Begins to sleep longer at night.
  • Sleeps lesser in the daytime, naps 2-3 times a day. 

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 Preethu, Kerala    10/2/2013
i used to mix water or milk with raw banana powder and stir continuously under low flame till it become thick. This is a healthy meal to your baby. To make this powder, cut raw kerala bananas into thin slices and dry it under sunlight. And then make a powder of it. I started giving this when my baby was 3 month old
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