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Growth and Development  of your baby

A healthy birth and growth weight is  good for your baby. The average birth weight for a tyyour babypical baby will be boys (3.2-3.6kg or 7-8lb), girls (3-3.5kg or 6 3/4lb -7 3/4lb) and the average height may be boys (48-52cm) and girls (48-51cm). 

After losing some of her birth weight (up to 10%) during the first days after birth, your baby will start to grow steadily. By the middle of her first month, she will probably be gaining about 0.5 to 1 ounce per day. After the first month, weight gain may be 1.5 to 2 pounds and length may increase 1 to 1.5 inches per month. These are just averages; as long as your baby is staying on her own growth curve, you should have no concerns about her progress. Your pediatrician will measure her weight, length, and head circumference once a month and plot your baby's own growth path on a chart, so any growth problems can be spotted early. All babies grow at different rate. There is no need to worry if your baby has periods of slow growth interspersed with spurts but if two consecutive measurements seem low, consult your pediatrician. 

At 3 months, the 'typical' baby weighs 13 pounds and measures 24 inches. But don't worry if your baby is smaller or larger. Babies, like adults, vary in size and shape. In fact, the 'average' weight for a 3-month-old can range from 9 to 16Growthpounds and the average length from 22 to 25 inches.

Make sure that your child's growth is normal by checking the growth chart given below showing the growth rate every month in the first year and bi-monthly figures in the second and third year. This is a chart showing the height, weight and head circumference- the green marking shows the range of head circumference in centimeters (cm) likely in a normal child with the dividing line showing the average growth. The orange-red marking shows the range of weight measurements in Kilogram (kg) and the dividing line shows the average increase in weight. The light blue-dark blue markings shows the range of height measurements likely in a normal child with the dividing line showing the average increase in height.


During the first six months of his growth, along with the gain in height, weight and head circumference, he slowly develops control over his body and senses in stages and responds to what is going on around them. At first he could barely raise his head, then he will be able to raise chest and head while lying on his stomach. Then he will push up or prop himself up on his arms and kick his legs out behind him maybe raise both legs off the floor and even balance on the stomach, probably by the end of four months. Sometime during the first six months the baby will learn to roll over from front to back at first and then from back to front. The baby will be able to hold light things put in his hand and soon reach out to swing at objects. She smiles, coos and gurgles and her eyes follows a moving object.

Please note that these are only general developmental guidelines for an average healthy child. A healthy child may reach a developmental milestone earlier or later than the average shown in these guidelines. Each child develops differently and just because a child may appear to be behind in one developmental area does not mean there is something wrong. If you feel your child is behind in several areas of development, contact your pediatrician for advice.

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 Kebigile Mopaye, Etsha 6 Botswana l    5/10/2017
Can a women have birth to a premature baby boy of 6 to 7 months, weighting 3.6kg and released from hospital two days after birth?

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My son akshay has been suffering from hydocele for last one year. His one testis is increasing. one more thing is that he is suffering from hemangioma by birth and after two years of his birth hydrocele and tonsils are the new diseases arises

 2.  Posted on : 20.5.2014  By  :  Arav Gagan , Ranchi View Answer (1) Post Answer

I want to 01 Years old baby Vaccine chart ex. Pneumonia, Hepatitis A, Chicken Pocks, Flu. 1.Pneumonia Patient Baby 2. DOB-02/04/2013


These are the reccommendations for immunization by Indian peadiatric associations 1. Hepatitis A - 1 dose (12 Months) , 2 Dose (24 Months) Pnumococcus Vaccination - 1 Dose (1 1/2 Months) 2 Dose (2 1/2 months) 3 Dose - (3 1/2 months) Chickenpox Vaccination 1 Dose - 15 months 2 Dose - 4- 6 years Influence Vaccination - Every Year Check the link for more details Please consult your peadiatrician for further Advise

  Posted By :Admin , Kochi | On 26.5.2014
 3.  Posted on : 27.1.2014  By  :  Vaishnavi , Chennai View Answer (1) Post Answer

Hi thanks for the above information and I am having two more question first one is we can use citric acid regularly for new born baby second my son body over heat what I want to do become normal


You should not use citric acid on a new born baby. Your son probably is a normal active one year old, if you are concerned, please consult a pediatrician.

  Posted By :Admin , | On 26.5.2014
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