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Men's Skin Care    |    Shaving

Gone are the days where you found only the shaving cream, soap and after shave lotion as men's facial make up needs. But the current generation are more conscious about their appearance and have graduated from being admirers of beauty to being good looking themselves. They are willing to use cosmetics to improve their overall look without worrying that their 'macho' image might be called into question.

Now these perception have gained momentum due to the availability of various products especially aimed at providing skin care for men. More and more companies have seriously started concentrating on this vast unexplored market.  Recently several beauty firms have started offering a range of beauty products for men and beauty salons and massage clinics have introduced skin treatment techniques to cover the male needs. Men's magazines have slowly introduced information on men's grooming topics that existed only in women's magazines before. Young guys look up to not only just male models but also have embraced cricket stars and movie stars as their role models.

Here we will look into Skin Care for men and tips for getting the perfect shave.

 Men's Skin Care | Shaving

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 1.  Posted on : 21.3.2014  By  :  Manvi , Amritsar View Answer (2) Post Answer

Before some time my skin was very glowing and clear but a few time ago I got too much acne on my face now get rid from acne but not from their spots and now my skin get very dull and spotty look please suggest me what do I do?????


Try out these acne tips.. click to read

  Posted By :Rhea , Bangalore | On 21.9.2016

Try out these acne tips.. click to read

  Posted By :Rhea , Bangalore | On 21.9.2016
 2.  Posted on : 9.2.2014  By  :  Aditi , Delhi View Answer (1) Post Answer

hi i m 21 and my face skin becoming dull and also dark circle around my eyes. what to do ? pls help me bcoz i really wanna look good ...


Hi Aditi, Try out these techniques for under eye problems

  Posted By :Rinku , Chennai | On 21.9.2016
 3.  Posted on : 31.10.2012  By  :  neelima , india View Answer (0) Post Answer

My skin is little oily n luks always dull. My skin tone is desky.till now i have never gone to beauty parlour also. So plz suggest me how to make up for a party and wat shal i do so that my skin always luks fresh and how can i become weatish.? wat type of facial n makeup shall i prefer when i visit a beauty parlour..?? plzzzz

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