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eyeEyes are your most exciting and expressive facial feature. A woman's eyes are her best beauty asset and they express moods and emotions. The simplest and the most dramatic way to enhance your appearance is to play up your eyes with make up. 

The skin around the eyes is the first to show signs of ageing as they develop wrinkles faster. Too much strain on your eyes or sickness takes away some of the beauty and brightness of your eyes. However, a little care and using the right beauty products and techniques one could have beautiful eyes.

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 1.  Posted on : 24.1.2013  By  :  Priya Sen , Tezpur View Answer (1) Post Answer

I have dark circles around my eyes. plz suggest me some simple solution to get rid of this problem.


U should apply slices of cucumber on ur eyes, slices of potato, green tea bags, every night before sleeping apply gulabjal over under eye dark circles. u wil surely see effect... bye

  Posted By :Neeta Khairnar , Hadapsar | On 24.5.2013
 2.  Posted on : 21.8.2010  By  :  indu , faridabad, faridabad View Answer (1) Post Answer

i have lot's of tanic and under eye dark circle on my face.Plz suggest me how can i remove all this from my face.


pl use betnovate-N its very effective, and its my personal experience, use it at night before sleep..

  Posted By :Mandeep , Mohali | On 29.5.2011
 3.  Posted on : 5.8.2010  By  :  Swati Bansal , Ghaziabad, Ghaziabad View Answer (3) Post Answer

I have dark circles under eyes from last 5 to 6 yrs , iwant to remove it so please suggest any simple solution to remove it As soon as possible


Soak cotton in unboiled milk and place them on eyes.. rest for 15 minutes... can see good result within few days for dark circles...

  Posted By :priya darshini , hyderabad | On 1.12.2010

Peel one raw potato and rub it on your skin aurrounding your will notice the difference within a week, besides this do take a good sleep of atleast 8 hours

  Posted By :Mandeep , punjab | On 17.8.2010

Drink lots of water.take a good sleap of 8 hours. take vitamin C. eat AAwla and nimbu breathing exercise.n b happy.u will surely get rid of your problem.

  Posted By :Priyanka Sharma , Jaipur | On 8.8.2010
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