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Good looking hair is essentially healthy, shiny and clean. It is important to maintain a healthy routine of hair care. Taking care of your hair involves keeping it clean and conditioned and choosing a hair style that suits you. With proper care your hair can become one of your important beauty assets. Hair  that is everything it should be - soft, shining, healthy and full of life... Taking care of your hair means keeping it clean and conditioned, choosing a style that compliments your and fits with the details of your beauty. Read about Hair types, its care - cleansing, conditioning (Henna), hair care tips (basic and herbal), hair problems and its cure, different hair styles, picture gallery of Hair do's    Read more

Types of Hair

It is essential to identify the texture of your hair whether dry, oily or balanced for a good hair care program...  More

Hair care

Every woman wants her hair to be healthy and lustrous, to shine and have lots of bounce. A basic hair care system lays the groundwork for shiny and healthy hair

Shampooing and Conditioning
Hair problems and its cure
Natural hair treatment- Henna and oil treatment
Basic hair care tips
Hair care tips from nature

Hair styles

Hair styles that suit your facial shape
Different Hair styles

Colouring of Hair

Today colouring hair has become a common fashion and is dominating the fashion world. Some choose hair color for adding more beauty to the hair and some others choose hair color for gray coverage. Read more...

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 Questions & Answers
 1.  Posted on : 1.6.2014  By  :  Taruna Sharma , Noida View Answer (0) Post Answer

I'm working in Noida from 8 months and suffering from hair fall very badly. I have tried to control it by using Mineral water to wash hair. Also I'm using Mintop. Can any one suggest me to control hairfall and make them thick and healthy again ,

 2.  Posted on : 9.3.2013  By  :  Purvi Sharma , Indore View Answer (0) Post Answer

Can anybody tell me how to prepare beetroot pack for hair?

 3.  Posted on : 7.10.2012  By  :  Susana , Mexico View Answer (1) Post Answer

I am 25 and I have hairfall problem, my hair tends to be VERY greasy but i have dandruff at the same time. Because of the greasiness i tend to wash it daily, otherwise it smells funny and looks dirty, th hair itself look dry and with a looot of volumen and frizz Please help


Use coffee water as a last rinse after shower...don't wash ur hair after that.It will stimulate hair growth & reduces hair fall. For dandruff, make a paste out of besan and curd. Apply it on ur hair for an hour and then wash it..It is very effective.I had the same problem.Hope this is useful..

  Posted By :Swetharao , Chennai | On 3.4.2014
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