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Pedicure is the care of the feet, legs and toe nails

Purpose of pedicure 

  • To keep the feet in good condition and to make the skin soft and smooth.

  • It improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin and the leg and foot muscles

  • It  discourages foot ailments.


  1. Nail cutter

  2. Nail filer

  3. Cuticle cutter

  4. Cuticle pusher

  5. Nail brush

  6. Orange stick

  7. Pumice stone

  8. Foot scrapper

  9. Two basins large enough for foot bath


  1. Acetone

  2. Liquid soap or shampoo

  3. Luke warm water

  4. Antiseptic lotion

  5. Oil or cream

  6. Nail polish

  7. Foot powder

  8. Hydrogen peroxide


  1. Remove the old nail polish using acetone with lotion

  2. File the nails and cut the nails if necessary.

  3. Place both the feet in Luke warm water containing liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide.

  4. Clean the foot using nail brush, foot scrapper and pumice stone.

  5. Remove the foot from the basin and clean thoroughly using a soft towel.

  6. With a cotton dipped in Antiseptic lotion and with the help of an orange stick apply the lotion under the free edge of each nail

  7. Buff the cuticle to soften the cuticle

  8. Loosen  the cuticle back gently

  9. Massage the legs for five minutes

  10. Apply the first coat of nail polish and allow it to dry and then apply the second coat

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 Questions & Answers
 1.  Posted on : 26.6.2011  By  :  neonika nagpal , delhi View Answer (1) Post Answer

hii i am 21 years old.. my face and legs are fair in color.. but the problem is my back and tummy is really dark..generally i dont wear such dresses which can cause tanning or anything like that.. bt i wish too wear backless dresses..but i am helpless.. please need help..


Use gramflour with turmeric lime juice and freshmilk and massage it all over your body and see the difference in just few days

  Posted By :Aisha Sharma , Bhopal | On 22.5.2013
 2.  Posted on : 22.3.2011  By  :  fathima , chennai View Answer (1) Post Answer

i am 24 yrs old.nowadays my feet are getting nails are getting dark.could you help in this problem.tell me some home remedies.


First of all 4 ur nails take lemon drops & give massag on ur nails fore 5-minuts...& 4 ur feet take 1 T-spoon honey with unboilded-milk & give massag till absorbed...this process is fore 1 month...

  Posted By :Nidhi Gosrani , Jamnagar | On 15.5.2012
 3.  Posted on : 10.3.2011  By  :  shraddha , gorakhpur View Answer (2) Post Answer

as m gonna complete 30 yrs so vat care i shud taken for antiaging and younger skin


Drink lots of water, apply raw milk with cotton .early morning drink water with amla juice empty stomach. it will keep. as vit c gives glow to ur skin.thanx

  Posted By :Sushma , Secunderabad | On 1.5.2013

after 30years u have to take facial after every 15 days & for body, take body masag in a month.Surely u would be looking alwys young.

  Posted By :Nidhi Gosrani , Jamnagar | On 26.3.2011
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