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How to apply the lipstick properly

Choosing a Lipstickipstick How to apply lipstick

To begin with, make sure that your lips are dry. Rid yourself of any traces of old lipstick. Apply a bit of face powder all around the outline of your lips to prevent the lipstick application from "bleeding" over the edges of the mouth. However, do not apply powder liberally all over lips.

The best way to apply the lipstick is to use a lip- brush. As you work, prop your elbows on a firm surface to give you steady hand, and keep your lips slightly apart.

Load the brush with plenty of lipstick. Start with upper lip, moving from the centre to the edges of the mouth  or the reverse way. Repeat the process in the lower lip, then fill the rest. Make sure that lipstick is evenly applied. If  you have drooping corners, do not outline them up to the corner. 

After you have finished applying lipstick, keep your lips slightly apart for a couple of minutes. This gives it time to set. Blot your lips with tissue and apply a second coat. This will help it to last long last. If you are fond of shiny lips, apply lip gloss.

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 1.  Posted on : 30.11.2012  By  :  Tejma , Kerala View Answer (1) Post Answer

Usually i use Vaseline or Labello in my lips while going out. Now i noticed that my lips are becomming black. Is this because of those things putting in my lips. So what should i do?


Click on the link to see natural tips to remove darkness of lips

  Posted By :Rhea , Kochi,Kerala | On 24.5.2017
 2.  Posted on : 4.9.2011  By  :  Mehak , Delhi View Answer (1) Post Answer

i have dry skin,on applying foundation n completing the make up,my skin doesnt give a shine,it remains dull.i use avon natural mousse..suggest gud foundation n how can i keep my skin look glowing.


Use any foundation with pearl extracts.. It stays for long time with out drying the skin.

  Posted By :Tia , b'lore | On 4.8.2012
 3.  Posted on : 15.5.2011  By  :  parvin , hyd View Answer (0) Post Answer

my face s round in shape...forehead is large,small eyes..tell me the type of hairstyle suitable for me..i hve short hair..

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