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Lipsticks: What should you buy and how to choose?

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Women love to wear lipsticks right? What type of lipstick do you wear? Do you ever consider before you purchase one? There are so many options in lipsticks these days to choose from. However, if you are a novice, then you might find it tricky to get a good one and suitable for you.

You know when talking about makeup, a womanís obsession for lipsticks are supreme. The bold colour, the magnetic attraction and the sheer glow that a lip colour caters make her appear prettier than ever. And, it goes without saying that all the women out there have a large collection of lip colours. And, it is also true that out of the enormous collection, women use only a few while the others pieces lie somewhere in the back of the dresser.†It is because many times, women end up purchasing similar shades, colours that they donít really want or brands that do not stay†longer. In case all this stuff rings a bell, then you must read this post till the end.

What is your skin tone?

Some lip shades donít really look as good on dusky skin tones as these do on fairer skin. Similarly, there are shades that donít suit fairer women. Always remember that a colour that suits your friend may not look as fascinating on you and so, always try it on before purchasing it.

What is your budget?

International brands of cosmetics are expensive nowadays. The lipsticks they sell range high. But you can also get great options once you check tactfully. For example, if you look for your lipstick stock at Sephora Online, you might end up getting good ones that too within your budget. You have to figure out what budget you have and then venture for shopping.

What is the brand?

International or national, both types of brands offer a wide variety of lipstick types and shades. You require trying out a few before you discover your type, the one that fulfills your lips and your personality the best.Certainly you just have to think about a shade that you feel would look warm and good on you and you shall find it there in the collection of lipsticks the brands have to cater.And of course, if you have a specific brand that you think would be good for you; never hesitate to try them out. These days lipsticks are available at a shoe-string budget too.

Never overlook the expiry date

Also known as the shelf life of this lipstick, always look for the expiry. Most of the lipsticks have an expiry date of three years from its manufacture while the great brands generally have a one year period for use. If you use expired lipsticks, it will not just harm your lips but even wonít give you the wanted result they promise in shape of colour, stay and shine. Certainly, it is better you are attentive about the expiry date than finding your lips gone for a toss afterwards.

Thus, next time when you plan to purchase lipsticks for you, make sure that you keep all these things in mind.

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