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1. Use the charcoal peel off mask and obtain smooth, glowing skin ( Fashion and Beauty )

The latest talk amongst men is the usage of charcoal peel off mask for healthy glowing skin.

2. How to go for the right plus sized evening dress? ( Fashion and Beauty )

Plus size women may find it very difficult to buy an evening dress especially when ordering online as if they are not bought carefully, then she can get a dress with curves at the wrong places.

3. The Importance and the Relevance of the Cognitive Assessment Protocols Test ( Health )

With the help of cognitive tests an attempt is made to measure the intelligence of an individual.

4. Bangkok: Why should you go to this city? Does it have any tourist attractions? ( Tourism )

There are old sites to be visited and advanced shopping malls that have a high-end ambiance in Bangkok

5. All that you need to know when going for camping in Rishikesh ( Tourism )

when it comes to going camping in India, you will have everything laid out for you, all you need to do is just go there and enjoy.

6. Lipsticks: What should you buy and how to choose? ( Fashion and Beauty )

The bold colour, the magnetic attraction and the sheer glow that a lip colour caters to a woman, make her appear prettier than ever.