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Damaging Conditions of the hair and their Treatment

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Graying of hair

Split ends

Dull hair

Dry Hair

Hair loss

Dry Scalp


Everyone's had itchy scalp or dandruff at some time or another. Dandruff is the presence of small white flakes usually appearing on the scalp and the hair. It is known by medical term "pityriasis" which is most commonly found in people between the ages of 12 and 80. The direct cause of dandruff is the excessive shedding of outermost cells. The indirect causes are

Poor blood circulation

2.Improper diet
4.Use of strong shampoo
5.Insufficient rinsing of hair after shampooing

Types of Dandruff

1.Dry type
2.Greasy or waxy type

Cause for dry dandruff

1.Poor blood circulation
2.Lack of nerve stimulation
3.Emotional disturbance
4.Glandular disturbance
5.Not producing sufficient oil

Treatment of dry dandruff

Scalp treatment (ozone treatment)
Herbal shampoo
Hot oil therapy
Use of antiseptic lotion
Henna treatment

Waxy type dandruff is mixed with sebum which makes the scalp itchy. If the scales are torn off, bleeding or oozing may occur.


The best thing to do is to keep the scalp clean, and do oil massage twice in a week.

Herbal Treatment

Massage scalp with essential oils like rosemary, cedar, lemon and eucalyptus to reduce flaking itchiness of the scalp. 'Methi' seeds are also helpful in fighting dandruff. Soak them overnight, grind the next morning, mix in the juice of neem leaves and apply on the scalp .  In half cup of olive oil, put a small amount of camphor warm it lightly and apply to the scalp parting the hair straight and give a circular massage for the entire scalp. Avoid fatty foods and red meat.

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Causes of Graying hair

The colour of the hair depends on the presence of pigment granules in the cortex of the hair. With age there is a gradual dilution of pigment in the hair, so that in different hairs the full range of colours from normal to white can be found.

Grey hair can some times appear earlier. Rapid graying of hair may occur after severe emotional stress. In certain internal diseases hair might gray early. This is especially true of diseases of the thyroid gland and certain types of anemia's. Localised patches of gray hair can appear in certain areas. Perming, colouring and bleaching work to promote graying.

What can be done

The usual and the most effective way of dealing with graying of hair is dyeing it. There are several types of dyes available. The oxidative dyes are the most versatile and the most frequently used. But dyeing has its drawbacks- once you start dyeing it is seen to increase gray hairs. Henna is also used because apart from its safety, it is a superb conditioner. Having calcium pantothenate in the dose of 200 mg daily is a good treatment.


Split Ends

Causes:-The most common causes of spilt ends are; use of heated appliances (Hair dryers) and chemical processing (like using dies), using the wrong type of brush and comb and general neglect.

Cure:-  Since hair grows 1.25 cm. a month, a trim of 6.3 cm. every five weeks should suffice. Switching to a wide -toothed, non-metal comb or brush with a padded base and widely spaced bristles to prevent getting trapped at the base of the brush Avoiding the hottest temperature setting on your hair dryer. Using a conditioning treatment on the ends of hair.


Dull Hair

Cause:- In healthy hair, the cuticle lies flat and reflects the light. Harsh chemicals and environment assaults can cause healthy hair to become rough and damaged, spoiling the reflective surface. The cause of dull hair is a build-up left by styling products or the conditioning agent that two-in-one products contain. Some times an illness, like flue releases toxins from the body through the sebaceous glands in the scalp, coating the hair, eventually leading to listless hair.

Cure:- The most important rule is to keep your hair clean. It is better to follow a well- balanced diet -protein and iron are essential for shiny hair, as is vitamin C.

Dry Hair

Cause :The main reason for dry hair is the over use of heated appliances, perming, colouring, bleaching, incorrect use of products and environmental damage.

Cure: Switch to a shampoo and a rinse-out conditioner for dry hair. Don't apply conditioner to the roots, it will leave hair heavy and limp. At least once or twice a week, use a deep conditioning treatment to re-moisturise. Alternatively, you can rub hair oil between your palm and then massage it into dry areas. Avoid rollers and tight elastic bands on the brittle hair as they may cause it to break.


Hair Loss

It is quite natural to lose about fifty to hundred a day. More than this amount of hair loss could result from any one of a number of factors and may be cause for concern.

Cause: Daily repetition of certain hairstyles, like hair tightly pulled back, braided or wrapped around rollers can pull out individual hairs. Such pulling can damage and destroy follicles completely and the hair will not grow back.Emotional stress may bring on  alppecia areata, a disorder that results in bald patches on the scalp and may be associated with changes in the immune system. Emotional stress can also cause hair to fall from parts of the scalp. Body stress is also known to cause excessive hair loss. Hair loss can result from pregnancy or begin when a woman stop taking birth control pills.

Cure: It is better to see a trichologist if handfuls of hair fall out after shampooing. For mild hair loss, use products that tone and invigorate the scalp and stimulate the growth. Scalping massage is good, which aside from being relaxing and reducing stress levels, loosens and stimulates the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth.

Most hair loss is temporary, but when the follicles are destroyed by serious scalp burns, excessive exposure to x-rays, or vital infection, hair loss can be permanent.


Dry Scalp

Cause: It may or may not be a cause of dandruff

Cure: Dry scalp can be controlled by using a very gentle shampoo and intensive conditioner regularly.

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 1.  Posted on : 1.6.2014  By  :  Taruna Sharma , Noida View Answer (0) Post Answer

I'm working in Noida from 8 months and suffering from hair fall very badly. I have tried to control it by using Mineral water to wash hair. Also I'm using Mintop. Can any one suggest me to control hairfall and make them thick and healthy again ,

 2.  Posted on : 9.3.2013  By  :  Purvi Sharma , Indore View Answer (0) Post Answer

Can anybody tell me how to prepare beetroot pack for hair?

 3.  Posted on : 7.10.2012  By  :  Susana , Mexico View Answer (1) Post Answer

I am 25 and I have hairfall problem, my hair tends to be VERY greasy but i have dandruff at the same time. Because of the greasiness i tend to wash it daily, otherwise it smells funny and looks dirty, th hair itself look dry and with a looot of volumen and frizz Please help


Use coffee water as a last rinse after shower...don't wash ur hair after that.It will stimulate hair growth & reduces hair fall. For dandruff, make a paste out of besan and curd. Apply it on ur hair for an hour and then wash it..It is very effective.I had the same problem.Hope this is useful..

  Posted By :Swetharao , Chennai | On 3.4.2014
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