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Bangle Wall Hanging

Contributed by- Reshmi Ghosh , Kolkata , India
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Materials Required :
Bangles  (same or multi colored)
- 3 glass
Picture card
A pair of scissors
Strip of paper
Piece of wool or ribbon    


Select some picture cards or greeting card. Place the bangle over the picture and mark the outer boundary with a pen. Cut along the line so that you get a round shaped picture. Apply glue on the outer margin and paste the glass bangle. Make three such things. Now place them one above another and stick the paper strip at the back. Attach wool or ribbon for hanging. Wall hanging is ready.


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Tavashi, Bangalore
December 30, 2015
Nice way to utilize waste bangles. well, it is also very efficient for school projects.
lakki, hyderabad
May 5, 2011
Hi I Like This Website Very Much Please Display mage of Viewers Craft Thank You
sanju singh, ranchi, jharkhand
June 21, 2010
your idea is very nice.I should try it! But i cant wath this wall hanging on pc.
Elmazi, india
June 5, 2010
the idea is birlent and i thing that i am going to get first prize