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DIY Diary Folder

DIY Diary Folder
Contributed by- Sabeena , Mattancherry , India
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Materials Needed : -

Diary Foldermaterials
» Chart paper
» Scrap papers
» Scissors/knife
» Stapler
» Scale
» Compass
» Pencil

How to make

Take a rectangular chart paper

rectangular chart paper

Mark lines and points as shown (Leave 6.5cm on both sides and draw a straight line vertically. Mark points at 5.5 cm and 6.5cm on the vertical line , from both sides.)

Mark lines

Draw arc through the points, from the center using a compass & pencil make handle.

Draw arc

Draw 2 vertical lines 2cm apart 15-16 cm away from the original vertical line. That will be the middle of the folder.

Draw 2 vertical lines

Again from the mid point draw a vertical line 15-16 cm away. The vertical lines at both the edges must be equidistant from the midpoint.

draw a vertical line

Draw an arc again through the points, from the center of the last vertical line using a compass & pencil to make the other handle.

Cut through the arc to make the folder handle out of it.

Cut through the arc

Fold the paper into three as shown.

Fold the paper into three

Take scrap papers together and staple it.

Take scrap papers

Attach the scrap papers on the folded chart paper.

Attach the scrap papers

Paste another piece of chart paper on the top as shown

Paste another piece

To make it more attractive, paste a name slip on the top of the diary

paste a name slip

Your diary folder is ready

DIY Diary Folder


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