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Folded Paper Box

Folded Paper Box
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Any colourful paper thick enough such as Magazine covers, good quality Calendar Pages, plain heavy paper painted on etc can be used to make simple boxes or baskets, easily at home. So next time you want to give a gift to somebody, pack your gift in a cute little box or basket you have made on your own...  

Paper two pieces (a) and (b)

(a) 20 cm x 25 cm 
(b) 21 cm x 26 cm 

For Baskets, cut out a narrow strip of paper and glue it to the box to make the handle. You can tie satin ribbon bows on the handle to make the basket pretty. 

Making :

1.  Place the smaller rectangle piece (a) right side down and fold it in half the length wise. Unfold. 


2.  Fold each long side in to the center fold, then open them again.

3.  Then fold the paper breadth wise in half, then unfold it.

4.  Fold each short side in to the center, then fold each corner in diagonally from the first fold line, both sides. 

5.  Fold back, each center strip to partially cover the corners and hold them in place.  

6.  Grasp each strip and gently pull open the box. Use your fingers to press the corners and edges. Repeat with the larger rectangle piece (b) to make a top of your box.  


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Akila, Chennai
February 28, 2011
Simple and nice work. Creative too...
January 20, 2011
A much easier way of making a box for younger children. Thank you.
sathya, bangalore
December 28, 2010
its really wonderful and simple to make i loved it
anullllstella, america
October 23, 2010
its very nice at the same time confusing too. anyway thanks for this beautiful idea
Archana, New Delhi
May 25, 2010
Its really a good thing taught step by step beautifully..Keep it up! God Bless!!