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Knitting - Casting On

Knitting - Casting On
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Method 1 | Method 2

'Cast on'  in Knitting means - to make the first row of loops on the needle.  This is the first step in Knitting. There are two methods of casting on. You can choose the one which looks the best for the item you are making. Casting on should be even - not too loose or too tight. Practice casting on until you are familiar.

Method 1

Step 1Step 1 : Use only one knitting needle. Make a slip knot on needle as shown in figure, leaving a long end of the yarn (allow about 1 inch for each stitch). 

Step 2Step 2 : Pull both ends of yarn in opposite directions to tighten the loop on the needle. 

Step 3Step 3 : Hold the needle in the right hand.  Or As in the step 4

Step 4Step 4 : Move the loop near the point of needle. 

Step 5Step 5 : Loop yarn from skein over fingers. Loop the free end of yarn around the left thumb. 

Step 6Step 6 : Insert needle in loop. Wind yarn in right hand over needle. 

Step 7Step 7 : Draw yarn through loop on thumb.

Step 8Step 8 : Slip loop off thumb and pull the free end of yarn to tighten the stitch on the needle. One stitch is cast on. 


Method 2 :

Step 3Use two knitting needles. Steps 1 and 2 is as same as in method 1.

Step 3 : Hold the first needle in the left hand. Hold second needle in right hand with yarn in working position. Insert point of right needle in loop on left needle. With index finger of right hand, bring yarn over the point of right needle. Draw yarn through loop.

Step 4Step 4 : Insert left needle in loop. Bring yarn over point of right needle and draw yarn through loop.

Step 5Step 5 : Two stitches are cast on left needle. Repeat step 2 until you have the desired number of stitches. For last stitch, insert left needle in loop and remove it from right needle.


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