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Organdy Flower

Organdy Flower
Contributed by- Sabeena , Mattancherry , India
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Materials Required
Silver Wire
Green Tape
Organdy Cloth

Procedure : 

Take a piece of organdy cloth, and fold it into a rectangle. Then fold the rectangle into a square. Now using scissors cut out the edges to make a round shape. Again make cuts on the round shaped edges, to give a frilly border to the petals. Repeat the process and make more petals.

Insert the centre part through the petals

To make the centre of the flower, take a small piece of cloth and crumble it into a small ball around the aluminium wire. Take another cloth piece and wrap it around the ball. Secure the cloth around the wire.

The petals secure them with thread

Now insert the centre part through the petals and secure them with thread. Wrap the rest of the wire with green tape. Now your flower is ready. Make more flowers and arrange them in a vase. See how amazing the effect is!


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