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Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern
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Seen typically during Christmas, Paper lanterns emanate a lovely, soft glow that can really add ambiance to a room.

Let your home bask in the glow of this simple and easy to make lamp. See Similar Xmas Decor Ideas


Materials Required :
« Rectangular sheets of hand made paper of any color
« Pencil
« Paper knife
« Double sided tape
« A Pair of candles

Procedure :

sketching out any pattern

To begin with start sketching out any pattern or shape in your colored sheet with a pencil.

cut out the edges

Then using a paper knife, carefully cut out the edges of the formerly drawn shape. You can use a cutting board underneath so that it would be easy while performing the task.

Here we are done with our initial step.

Now lets make a different design on another paper. As we did previously, start sketching out any pattern and gently using the paper knife cut out the edges partially so that the design protrudes outside and provide a shade to the lantern.

double sided tape

After the drawing part is over, place a strip of double sided tape on one end of the paper and fold it cylindrically. Repeat the process on the other paper too.

Now place two candles on board and light it. Switch off your lights and set paper lanterns over the lighted candles …see how it ignites the room… Paper lanterns have become a popular light fixture used to decorate homes.


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