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Paper Globe ornaments

Paper Globe ornaments
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Paper globe ornaments is a simple tree decoration made of shiny paper strips, needle and thread. The round shape ornament is easy and fun to make at home on your Christmas day eve. Paper globe ornaments can also be hanged at nook of corner of your house for minor beautifications as well.

Paper globe ornaments
Materials require : -
Paper globe ornaments material
» Paper strips 6-8 no
» Needle 1
» Thread 1 roll
» Beads 2 no

cutting the paper strips in 6 inch length

Step 1 :- Lets start by cutting the paper strips in 6 inch length and ½ inch width. Make around 12-15 paper strips for the purpose.

knot and tie it tightly to the bead

Step 2:- Using thread and needle, make a knot and tie it tightly to the bead.

insert the large needle

Step 3:- As shown, insert the large needle by a quarter inch of the paper strip and stack various colored paper strips one at a time.

bent to a C Shape

Step 4:- Once inserted, let the needle pass through the other end of the strip and let it bent to a C Shape.

tight to the second bead

Step 5:- Add another large bead and tie it tight to the second bead.

an off the paper strips

Step 6:- Fan off the paper strips and your paper globe ornament is ready for hanging.


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