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Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
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This Christmas, try out a miniature Christmas tree made with tissue paper using a simple technique. Your very own handmade Christmas tree.. 

Porcupine balls are a decorative technique which originated in Poland. These balls made in different colours were traditionally used to decorate the Christmas tree. Tissue paper, cut in round shapes can be assembled to make porcupine balls and they can be hung as such from Christmas trees or can also be hung in a mobile, or tissue paper can be cut in graduated sizes and assembled into a Christmas tree. 

Cut out rounds of different diameters from several shades of green tissue paper. Make eight cuttings from the edges of each round as shown in figure on the left. 

Make a small cone from a thicker paper. Cover the cone with clear plastic adhesive (zello tape) to prevent the tissue paper from sticking on to it. 

Wrap each of the eight flaps of the rounds over the tip of the cone (as shown in the fig on the left) and apply glue with a brush to secure the flaps. Take the cone out and continue with the next flap. We will get star like shapes. These star shapes can be used to assemble porcupine balls and a Christmas tree.

We need a rod fixed with a base to assemble the Christmas tree. Length of the rod can depend on the height of the Christmas tree you are planning to make. Make a hole in the center of the star shapes and stick on gummed reinforcements to strengthen the center as shown in figure. Insert the shapes one by one, with the wider diameters first and then the smaller ones until the tree gets the required shape. Insert a gold or silver ball at the top. Glue in coloured or silver or gold small balls to the tips of the shapes as decorations.

Porcupine Balls

A porcupine ball (figure on the right), can be assembled with these star shapes and can be hung as it is from the Christmas tree or in a mobile as shown in figure.

Make a hole in the center of the star shapes, pass a thread or a flexible thin metal wire through the hole of the shapes and also through a small round piece of cardboard to prevent tearing. Pull and tie the thread or the metal wire ends  firmly and the pointed end will spread naturally into a ball. 



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