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Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers
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Tissue paper flowers are apt as decoration for any occasion… it will add more sparkle to your parties and other celebrations… It is simple and inexpensive, and you can make it within a few minutes.

For making this flower we need :
» Different colours of tissue paper
» Glue
» Thin aluminium wire
» Green crepe paper
» Green tape
» Scissors

Take the tissue paper and fold it into two halves. Again fold it into two equal halves to make a rectangular shape. Using a scissor cut the edges of the strip. Now take the aluminium wire and fold it into two equal halves. Dip its edge in glue. Slowly wind the tissue paper around the wire. Now take a piece of aluminium wire and tighten it around the flower for support and to prevent from falling off.

Take a strip of green crepe paper and fold into two halves. Cut the edge of the paper and shape the upper part of the paper to make the calyx. Now using a scissor, roll the calyx outward to get a natural look. Wrap the calyx around the base of the flower and secure it with aluminium wire.

Wind the green tape around the wire to make the stem. Your flower is ready. Arrange it with green leaves for an attractive look.


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