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Bags From Waste

Bags From Waste
Contributed by- Manju Sriram , Bangalore , India
Total views : 50228    9 . 7 . 2010

Bags From Waste

30 useless plastic bags, colour combination varies to your taste.

Cut thin strips of these bags measuring 1 cm in width, length according to the size of the bags. Attach strips together by knoting or tieing to form a long strip of plastic rope.

This can be substituted as a yarn and used for crocheting bags/ pen holders/ mats or even mobile covers.


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Giri, India
July 22, 2010
Nice idea. good bag from plastic bags.
Meeradevi, Chennai
July 21, 2010
Thanks for the idea. i tried with crochet needle and it was very nice and useful. thank you.