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CD Wall Hanging

Contributed by- Subha , Chennai , India
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Things you will need:
  Old CD
  Acrylic paint (color of your choice – Preferred color Black)
  Paint brush
  Cleaned Egg shells
  Tooth Pick/needle
  Small piece of Satin Ribbon
  Embellishment/Small photograph
  Lot of Patience


1.Take an old CD which is no more used and Paint it completely with Black acrylic paint. Let it dry

2.Next step is to crush the cleaned egg shells (no don't powder it). Break it to smaller flakes (No need of hammering your fingers will do)

3.Prepare the Modpodge. Mix 1 part fevicol with 2 parts water and dilute it.

4.Now comes the difficult part start applying diluted glue on the painted cd and arrange the egg flakes on by one randomly till you get the mosaic effect.

5.Use the tooth pick/needle to move around the egg shells. Slowly repeat the process until you cover the whole surface on one side of the CD.

6.Let it dry. After its dry apply one more coat of glue on top of the egg shells to seal it .This can also be done with Varnish to make it water proof.

7.Now add any embellishment or small picture at the centre of the CD to hide the hole at the center.

8.Add a ribbon behind the CD with glue for hanging purpose.

That's it we are done

Got a cool Wall hanger!

This is simple project So Do try this and fancy yourself with a cool Wall hanger :)


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