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Dry Reeds Arrangement

Dry Reeds Arrangement
Contributed by- Gracey Anand , Kochi , India
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Dried flowers or reeds can be arranged aesthetically to brighten up your homes. The advantage of dry flower arrangement is that they'll last much longer when compared to fresh flowers. Here we have arranged the reeds in a small cane basket. Its a simple arrangement that anybody can try out and give as a gift to your dear ones.



  • Dry reeds different varieties

  • Glitters -Silver or any colour

  • Fabric paint (Fevicryl) - Different colours

  • Brush 

  • Face tissue

  • Thin aluminum wire or stick

  • Glue (Fevicol)

  • Cane basket

  • Oasis or Brica


Collect different reeds or grasses. Dry them in the sun.

Four folding a square piece of tissue paper

Make small flowers with tissue paper as shown in the picture. Cut out small equal circles from the tissue paper. OR cut out square pieces of tissue paper, four fold them.

Cutting the open edges in a semicircle

Cut the open edges in a semi circle.

ng 3 circles one above the other

Open the pieces to get perfect rounds or circles.

Folding the circles around the stick or wire

Stick two or three of them together in the centre, crinkle them a bit and wrap them around a thin aluminium wire or stick. 

paper flower

Or make any other flowers given in the paper flower section.

Applying glue on the Reed

Colour the dried reeds by applying glitter or fabric paint. Take some glue in the brush and apply on the reeds.

Dipping the glued reed in glitter

Dip the glued reeds in glitter.

Applying paint on the reed

Apply paint, any colour of your choice, on the reeds with the brush.

Arranging them in the brica

Then arrange reeds along with the paper flowers in a piece of oasis (green sponge like material) and place it inside the Cane basket.

Placing it in the basket

Your cane basket is ready.


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