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Finix Paper Button Roses

Finix Paper Button Roses
Contributed by- Sabeena , Mattancherry , India
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Sabeena, our craft expert is adept in making flowers with varied materials.

Read instructions and watch video on how she makes these roses with Finix paper



Things you need are :
» Finix paper
» Green crepe paper
» Scissors
» Thread
» Aluminium wire
» Green floral tapes
» Leaves
» glue

finix paper

Cut out 2inch wide strip of finix paper. Stretch the central part of the strip lengthwise.

spiral shape

Now you will get a spiral shape. Take an aluminium wire and bend its tip.

rolling the strip

Now place it on one end of the strip and cover the bended tip with the paper. Now start rolling the strip around the wire. Secure it with a thread. Cover the stem using green floral tape.

rectangular shape

Take a small piece of green paper and fold it into a rectangular shape. Cut and shape the corners and unfold the paper. You will get a calyx shape.


Apply some glue on it and insert it through the stem and fix it on the bottom of the flower.


Take another piece of green paper, draw the leaf shape and cut it. Take a small piece f aluminium wire and wrap it with a green floral tape. Apply some glue on it and place it on the backside of the leaf shape. Cover it with another leaf shape. Now attach it to the stem. Work is done.

flowers arrange

Make more flowers and arrange them however you like.


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