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Snowflake Design

Snowflake Design
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To make snowflake design you can use either two or three or more colours of paper according to your choice. 

Pleat a piece of decorative paper at equal distance. The width of the pleats should be wide enough to draw a design. Hold the pleats together and draw the design given on one side. You can use various design of your own choice to form different snowflakes. 

Shade unwanted region and staple the center of the pleated paper. Cut out the shaded areas. Care should be taken while cutting out the design so that the edges of the pleats stay together. Should not cut the edges of  the blue shaded region. 

Open the pleats carefully to get a dainty looking snowflake pattern. Make several snowflakes, keep aside two pieces and glue the sides of the remaining snowflakes to form a chain. The two pieces kept aside can be used as the end pieces. Stick the adjacent sides together with glue. 

A chain of snowflakes can be pulled into a circle to form a decorative design. The ends of the snowflake pieces which forms the inner layer of the circle can be glued together to form the design as shown in figure.  

Christmas stars can also be made using single snowflake cutouts. For this make a snowflake cutout from any design of your choice. Glue the ends to form a star.


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