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Anthurium out of Bread

Anthurium out of Bread
Contributed by- Sabeena , Mattancherry , India
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What do you do with stale bread slices not edible anymore?

Here Sabeena explains how to make Anthurium flowers out of left over bread.


Materials Required
» Bread (stale)
» Fevicol (white glue)
» White and Pink colour paint
» Varnish
» Thin iron wire
» Llittle bit of sand in a bowl
» Brushes to Paint
» Green Tapes

Procedure :

Take the left over bread slices... Crush the bread to fine crumbs. Mix white glue with the breadcrumbs till it forms thick dough.

thick thread

Take a big piece of dough and roll it in the form of a thick thread.

Now let us fix it at the tip of an iron wire..

Apply glue it on the spadix of the anthurium & put the sand

Take the glue and apply it on that thick thread. On that let's put the collected sand from the bowl evenly.. It's is the spadix of the anthurium.

Cut the dough in the shape of a heart

Take a small piece from the dough and roll it in the form of a circle. And cut the dough in the shape of a heart. Now we have made the petal of the anthurium.

Fix the petal on the iron wire, at the bottom of the spadix

Fix the petal on the iron wire, at the bottom of the spadix..

paint the petal using pink colour

Now we can paint the petal using pink colour... When it dries, put a light white coating on top of the pink colour. Apply white colour on the spadix.

After painting, apply varnish on the flowers.

Now cover the wire with the green tape.

After making 3 or more such anthurium flowers, we can assemble and arrange them together in a flower vase.


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Rosalie Tajale, bislig city
September 19, 2017
Krithika Iyer, Pune
May 17, 2012
Very nice and easy method. I would definately try this... would love to know more of these ideas as i m in process of decorating my new house.