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Bead Flowers - Clematis

Bead Flowers - Clematis
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Beads come in different sizes and hues and can be used to make jewellery pieces as well as attractive flowers.


Apple Blossom | Blue Lace Flower | Bougainvillea | Lily 

Materials :


  • Gold and Silver wire

  • Binding Wire

  • Beads with two different shades for flowers (light & dark shade beads of a single colour)

  • Dark and light green beads for leaves

  • Stem Wire

  • Brown Tape

This flower has seven petals with two centre pieces. The number of beads used for each petal depends on the size of the beads and how big (size) you want your flower to be.

Inner Flower Centre - It contains 6 loops (loop petal). Each loop is 1" in length. This 6 loops must be done in a single wire with dark green beads.

Outer Flower Centre - This contain 4 single beaded stems (single beaded Unit). Must be done in golden wire and light green beads are used.

Petals - Shape of the petal is round top and semi pointed bottom (round petal). The basic count of the petal is 1/2" in length . Each petal has 7 rows. The basic and the other two rows must be done in dark shade. Light colour beads can be used for the remaining rows. The rows other than the basic wire must have enough beads to fit parallel to the top of the basic count. 

To Make Flower : 

 Cut a piece of stem wire and tape it. Attach inner flower center to the top of the stem. Attach outer flower centre just under and evenly spacing around it. Bind on the 7 petals one at a time to fit evenly around. Cut away the binding wire and tape the remaining part of the stem wire.

Leaves - Shape of the petal is pointed top and round bottom (Pointed petal). The basic count of the petal is 1/2" in length . Each leaf has 9 rows including the basic wire. String dark and light green at random to make the leaves. 

After completing the 9 rows for the leaf, twist the bare wire tightly and leave 3" of beads on the feed wire. Cut the bare wire leaving 2", this is to join it with other leaf. 

Arranging :

  • Twist the hanging wires of 2 leaves together from under the beads. Repeat the same for the other leaves. 

  • Cut a long piece of stem wire and tape.

  • Tape a pair of leaves on the top of the stem.

  • Tape a flower stem, 1" apart, to the main stem. 

  • Tape another pair of leaves under the flower, opposite each other.

  • Continue to tape down the stem , adding 1 flower and 2 leaves 1" apart.


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Nanz, USA
March 15, 2016
Thanks so much for sharing these awesome tutorials! Very beautiful flowers!