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Key Holder

Key Holder
Contributed by- Himani , Ahmedabad , India
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Himani from Ahmedabad shows you how to make beautiful glass painting frame for a Key holder.


key holder

Materials  :

» Round Glass- a semicircular piece
» Linear Colours

Method :

First take the half circular / half round glass piece. Select and trace the design you want to a tracing paper.

Then with the help of the design trace, draw the outline of the design on to the glass using linear paint colour.

Complete the drawing outline then after 6 hrs when it is dry, you can fill the design with suitable glass colours. After 2 days, go to the framing shop to make the wooden frame. So Now the Key holder is ready.

The beauty of the design depends on the colours used. Check the different designs and colours I have used, from the images given below.

Key Holder
Key Holder
Key Holder


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