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Circular Shaped Box

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With a Cardboard strip and  innovative ideas you can easily make wonderful boxes in square, triangle and circular shapes. Simple decorations with paper strips, paints, beads, sea shells or any item of your choice can transform these boxes into beautiful gifts for your friends or to keep Jewellery and other little treasures for yourself.

The materials given can be used to make a square, triangle and circular shaped boxes. Procedures are given below. You can make smaller or larger boxes by decreasing or increasing corresponding size of the cardboard pieces. 
›› Cardboard (packing material) 3 pieces of sizes a, b, c
  a : 7.5 cm x 30 cm (3 in.x 12in)
  b : 2.5cm x 38 cm (1 in.x 15 in.)
  c : 15 cm x 25 cm (6 in. x 10 in.)
›› A pencil, ruler, scissors, cello tape. 


Method :

For a circular shaped box the cardboard should be lighter so as to bend make a circle shape. Materials as same as given above. 

1.  Bend the widest strip of light cardboard (a) into a circle or oval. Overlap the ends about 2.5cm (1 in.) and tape in place.

2.  To make a bottom, place the box onto the large piece of cardboard (c), trace around the edge, cut out the shape and tape it in place.

3.  For the sides of the lid, bend the narrow strip (b) around the top of the box, overlap the ends, trim them slightly and tape in place. The strip should easily slide up and down the outside of the box.

4.  To make a top for the lid, place the lid strip on the cardboard (c), trace around it,  cut out the shape and tape it in place.


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