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Square Shaped Box

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With a Cardboard strip and  innovative ideas you can easily make wonderful boxes in square, triangle and circular shapes. Simple decorations with paper strips, paints, beads, sea shells or any item of your choice can transform these boxes into beautiful gifts for your friends or to keep Jewellery and other little treasures for yourself.

The materials given can be used to make a square, triangle and circular shaped boxes. Procedures are given below. You can make smaller or larger boxes by decreasing or increasing corresponding size of the cardboard pieces. 
›› Cardboard (packing material) 3 pieces of sizes a, b, c
  a : 7.5 cm x 30 cm (3 in.x 12in)
  b : 2.5cm x 38 cm (1 in.x 15 in.)
  c : 15 cm x 25 cm (6 in. x 10 in.)
›› A pencil, ruler, scissors, cello tape. 


Method :

1.  Mark the cardboard strip (a) into four sections, each 7.5 cm (3 in.) wide. Fold the marked sections into  a box shape and hold it with tape.

2.  To make a bottom piece,  place the box onto the large piece of cardboard strip (c) and trace around the edge. Cut out the shape. Tape the bottom in place.

3.  To make top or lid for the box, place the bottom piece cut out, again on the  remaining cardboard strip (c) and mark with the pencil around. Cut just outside the lines you drew, making a top shape slightly larger than the bottom shape. 

4.  To make the sides of the top, place the top shape at the left end of the long narrow  strip (b). Draw  a  line along the right side of the square. Mark four equal sections of the same size on the strip and trim off the small section remaining at the end.

5.  Fold the marked sections into a square shape and tape the top to it. Your box is ready.


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Dharmendra Jain, Malad
July 1, 2010
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