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Wax Roses

Contributed by- Anita Kumar , Bokaro , India
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Materials required :
Wax with 10 percent steric acid added, wick
Red crayon or wax color
A steel plate
A metal bottle cap
Few drops of oil


Melt wax, add steric acid and a small piece of crayon or a drop of wax color. Prepare the steel plate by lightly oiling with fingertips. Pour the melted wax carefully on the plate in a thin layer evenly. Let the wax set for a few minutes, but do not let it harden. Take the metal cap and quickly make circles on the wax.

Now pick up one carefully and roll it tightly. Take another circle and shape it like a petal and press it against the first one. Continue shaping and sticking the petals until you get a rose. Melted wax can be used for sticking the petals and the bottom part of the completed rose.

This takes a bit of practice but the results are superb! A wick prepared by dipping thread in wax and steric acid can be rolled in the first petal to make a rose floater. Please take safety precautions while heating and handling hot wax.


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