Saturday, November 25, 2017

Paper Decorations

You can make wonderful decorations with paper.  Decorative papers like tissue, china, warnish, crepe paper etc or any shiny paper can be cut out in different designs to make a variety of decorations. Tissue paper which is thin and flexible can be cut, shaped or folded into shapes ranging from lacy chains to geometrical solids. Try out these decorations for the next occasion you celebrate at home. 

Pleated Paper Decoration | Garland Decoration

Pleated paper Decorations

Materials : 

  • Decorative Paper
  • Graph Paper
  • Glue

Pleated paper can be adapted to produce a wide variety of designs. It can be shaped into a chain, opened into a star or cut into a dainty snowflake. 

First pleat the graph paper in the desired intervals, then flatten it out and lay on it decorative paper to be folded. Starting at one end, refold the graph and decorative paper together to reproduce accordion pleats of uniform size.


Garland Decorations

Materials :

  • Tissue Papers
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Tissue papers is more suitable for making garlands because of its fineness. Garlands can be made by gluing cut pieces of tissue papers on alternate corners. Proper adhesive is important in making garland. Ordinary white glue is suitable and should be used very sparingly and not allowed to penetrate more than one layer. A number of methods can be used for making garlands. If a garland is particularly heavy and does not hang well, a long string can be passed through the center for added support. To make a framework for hanging rings, shape a length of wire into a circle and pass the ends through a garland chain before securing. Attach ribbons at three or four points along the ring for hanging.