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Gaya, headquarters of Gaya district, is believed to be blessed with power to absolve all sins, by Lord Vishnu. Believers from many places gather here during monsoon in September - October for the 'Pitrapaksh Tarpan' (Prayers offered for the dead).  The pilgrims take a dip in the seasonal holy river 'Phalgu' during this season. Bodhgaya, one of the holiest Buddhist centers is located 12kms from Gaya.

Vishnupad Temple

Vishnupad temple is in the center of the town, built over Lord Vishnu's footprint.  This footprint imprinted on a rock inside the temple is set in a silver basin. It has a height of 30 meters.  The temple is supported by eight rows of beautiful carved pillars which support the pavilion. This pavilion was refurnished in 1787 by Rani Ahalyabai of Indore. 

The banyan tree under which Buddha meditated for 6 years is still seen here.

Dungeshwari Temple 

Gautama Buddha is believed to have meditated here for 6 years before he went to Bodhgaya. There is a cave temple here, enshrining Goddess Dungeshwari and two small shrines with idols of Buddha, one gold plated and the other 6 feet tall idol.