Thursday, February 2, 2023
Arunachal Pradesh


Folk Dance

Ka Fifai Dance-Drama

The Ka Fifai drama is woven round the theme of the traditional belief that ghosts appear and kidnap girls or men and trouble them. The participants in the drama consist of a man, his daughter who is kidnapped, the ghost who does the kidnapping, the Ministers of the State who make preparations for war against the ghost, the King of the stage in which the girl's father is a subject, and the king's men who go out to capture the ghost.

The drama opens with a man and his daughter walking in the garden. The ghost appears and captures the girl,
and immediately the man greatly aggrieved rushes to the king's court to inform him of the incident and beseech him the rescue his daughter. The king's anger is aroused at this news and he calls for his Ministers and asks them to prepare for war. The King's men go in search of the ghost and bring him before the king, who severely warns him never to do such a thing again. The ghost frightened bows before the king and with this ends the drama.