Thursday, September 29, 2022
Andhra Pradesh



Andhra Pradesh receives rainfall from the south-west monsoon as well as the north-east monsoon. The first begins in the second week of June and lasts till September while the second occurs in October-November. The state's coastal areas receive heavy rains during the north east monsoon and are also subject to cyclonic conditions which cause enormous damage to residential accommodation and to standing crops. The rainfall decreases from north to south. The Nizamabad district in Telangana receives about 87.5 cm of rain while Anantpur in Rayalaseema receives only 31 cm.

The state has a really hot summer but after the rain begin in the middle of June, there is a decline in the heat when humidity takes over. There is a mild winter in December but the temperature does not go down below 16o Celsius. While the south-west monsoon is comparatively heavy in the northern parts of the state, the north-east monsoon brings more rain to the southern areas like Rayalaseema. The hot season causes the mercury to rise to troublesome proportions in the months of April and May when it could shoot upto 40 degrees and more.