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Andhra Pradesh

Fairs and Festivals


Avu Devata Festival

The Avu Devata festival is celebrated for three days in the month of Jyeshtha.  On the first day the devotees go to the cave and worship the deity whose idol is brought in a carriage decorated with flowers and installed at a certain place. 

On the second day several other idols are brought there. On the third day these deities are offered Puja and the people who should follow them back to their places are fed.  In the evening, these deities are given a send - off and the Avu Devata is also taken back after the cave in the hill is decorated and worshipped. Ordinary umbrellas, silk umbrellas, embroidered umbrellas and peacock feathers are offered to the  deity in fulfillment of vows.  A fair is held in connection with this festival.

Dappepallc in Rayachoti taluk of Cuddapah district has Brahmagiri, a cave with the images of Erreddaiah and Paseddaiah and the form of a cow.  It was believed that, in the distant past, two bulls born in the village exhibited super natural powers.  To perpetuate their memory the villagers deified them and the images of the bulls and their cow were kept in a cave.  Even now when the rains fail, the priest takes bath and goes to the cave in his wet clothes to worships 'Avu Devata'. They will offer coconuts, milk, sugar, incense and eatables.  It is believed that it generally rains within a week.