Monday, May 16, 2022

Lawn Tennis - Role of Court Officials

Serena argue with umpire
Serena argue with umpire

In matches where an Umpire is appointed, his decision shall be final; but where a Referee is appointed, an appeal shall can be made to him against the decision of an umpire on a question of law and in all such cases the decision of the referee shall be final.

In matches where assistants to the Umpire are appointed (linesmen, net-cord judges, foot fault judges) their decisions shall be final on questions of fact except that if in the opinion of an Umpire a clear mistake has been made he shall have the right to change the decision of an assistant or order a 'let' to be played. When such an assistant is unable to give a decision he shall indicate this immediately to the Umpire who shall give a decision. When an umpire is unable to give a decision on a question of fact he shall order a 'let' to be played.

In Davis Cup matches or other team competitions where Referee is on court, any decision can be changed by the Referee, who may also instruct an Umpire to order a 'let' to be played.

The Referee, in his discretion, may at any time postpone a match on account of darkness or the condition of the ground or the weather. In any case of postponement the previous score and previous occupancy of courts shall hold good, unless the Referee and the players unanimously agree otherwise.