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SUN 09/02/03 South Africa vs West Indies B Newlands, Capes Town West Indies, by 3 runs
MON 10/02/03 Sri Lanka vs New Zealand B Good year Park, Bloemfontein Sri Lanka, by 47 runs
MON 10/02/03 Zimbabwe vs Namibia A Harare Sports club, Harare Zimbabwe, by 86 runs
TUE 11/02/03 Australia vs Pakistan A The wanderers, Johannesburg Australia, by 82 runs
TUE 11/02/03 Bangladesh vs Canada B Kingsmid, Durban Canada, by 60 runs
WED 12/02/03 South Africa vs Kenya B North West Stadium, Potchefstroom. South Africa, by 10 wickets
WED 12/02/03 India vs Holland A Boland Park, paarl India, by by 68 runs
THU 13/02/03 West Indies vs New Zealand B St. George's Park, Port Elizabeth New Zealand, by 20 runs
THU 13/02/03 Zimbabwe vs England A Harare Sports club, Harare (Match cancelled)
FRI 14/02/03 Sri Lanka  vs Bangladesh B Pietermaritzburg Ovel, Pietermarizburg Sri Lanka, by 10 wickets
SAT 15/02/03 Kenya vs Canada  B Newlands, Cape Town Kenya, by 4 wickets
SAT 15/02/03 Australia vs India A Super Sports Park, Centurion Australia, 9 wickets
SUN 16/02/03 South Africa vs New Zealand B The Wanderers, Johannesburg New Zealand,  9 wickets
SUN 16/02/03 England vs Holland A Buffalo Park, East London England, by 6 wickets
SUN 16/02/03 Pakistan vs Namibia A Dibiyers Diamond Ovel, Kimberley Pakistan,  by 171 runs
TUE 18/02/03 West Indies vs Bangladesh B Villomoor Park, Benoni Tie
WED 19/02/03 England vs Namibia  A St. George's Park, Port Elizabeth England, by 55 runs
WED 19/02/03 Sri Lanka vs Canada B Boland Park, paarl Sri Lanka, by 9 wickets
WED 19/02/03 Zimbabwe vs India A Harare Sports club, Harare India, by 83 runs
THU 20/02/03 Australia vs Holland A North West Stadium, Potchefstroom. Australia, by 75 runs
FRI 21/02/03 New Zealand vs Kenya B Nairobi gimkhana Club, Nairobi (Match cancelled)
SAT 22/02/03 England vs Pakistan  A Newlands, Capes Town England, by 112 runs
SAT 22/02/03 South Africa vs Bangladesh B Good year Park, Bloemfontein South Africa, by 10 wickets
SUN 23/02/03 West Indies vs Canada B Super Sport Park, Centurion West Indies, by 7 wickets
SUN 23/02/03 India vs Namibia A Pietermaritzburg Ovel, Pietermarizburg India, by 181 runs
MON 24/02/03 Zimbabwe vs Australia A Queens Sport Club, Bulawayo Australia, by 7 wickets
MON 24/02/03 Sri Lanka vs Kenya B Nairobi gimkhana Club, Nairobi Kenya, by 53 runs
TUE 25/02/03 Pakistan vs Holland A Bolland Park, Paarl Pakistan, by 97 runs
WED 26/02/03 England vs India A Kingsmead, Durban India, by 82 runs
WED 26/02/03 New Zealand vs Bangladesh B Dibiyers Diamond Ovel, Kimberley New Zealand, by 7 wickets
THU 27/02/03 South Africa vs Canada B Buffalo Park, East London South Africa, by 118 runs
THU 27/02/03 Australia vs Namibia A North West Stadium, Potchefstroom Australia, by 256 runs
FRI 28/02/03 Sri Lanka vs West Indies B Newlands, Capes Town Sri Lanka, by 6 runs
FRI 28/02/03 Zimbabwe vs Holland A Queens Sport Club, Bulawayo Zimbabwe, by 99 runs
SAT 01/03/03 Kenya vs Bangladesh  B The Wanderers, Johannesburg Kenya, by 32 runs
SAT 01/03/03 Pakistan vs India A Super sports Park, Centurion India, by 6 wickets
SUN 02/03/03 Australia vs England A St. George's Park, Port Elizabeth Australia, by 2 wickets
MON 03/03/03 New Zealand vs Canada B Villomoor Park, Benoni New Zealand, by 5 wickets
MON 03/03/03 South Africa vs Sri Lanka B Kingsmeed, Durban Tie
MON 03/03/03 Namibia vs Holland A Good Year Park, Bloemfontein Holland,by 64 runs
TUE 04/03/03 West Indies vs Kenya B Dibiers Diamond Ovel, Kimberley West Indies, 142 runs
TUE 04/03/03 Zimbabwe vs Pakistan  A Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo Match abandoned




FRI 07/03/03
Australia vs Sri Lanka
Super Sports Park, Centurion Australia, 96 runs
FRI 07/03/03
India vs Kenya
Newlands Capedown

India, by 6 wickets

SAT 08/03/03
Zimbabwe vs New Zealand
Good Yesr Park, Bloemfontein New Zealand, by 6 wickets
MON 10/03/03

India vs Sri Lanka

The Wanderers, Johannesburg India, by 183 runs
TUE 11/03/03

Australia vs New Zealand

St. George's Park, Port Elizabeth Australia, by 96 runs
WED 12/03/03

Zimbabwe vs Kenya

Good Yesr Park, Bloemfontein Kenya, by 7 wickets
FRI 14/03/03

India vs New Zealand

Super Sports Park, Centurion India, by 7 wickets
SAT 15/03/03

Zimbabwevs Sri Lanka

Buffalo Park, East London Sri Lanka, by 74 runs
SAT 15/03/03

Australia vs Kenya

Kingsmead, Durban Australia, by 5 wickets



TUE 18/03/03
 Australia vs Sri Lanka
St. George's Park, Port Elizabeth
Australia, by 48 runs
THU 20/03/03
India vs Kenya
Kingsmead, Durban
India, by 91 runs


SUN 23/03/03

Australia Vs India

The Wanderers, Johannesburg
Australia, by 125 runs