Sunday, October 1, 2023

Fairs & Festivals


Sitabari Fair

Sitabari is a small place near Kelwara village in the Sahabad tehsil of Kota district and the fair is held from Baisakh Sudi Punam to Jeth Budi Amavasya. Sitabari is situated in a picturesque forest. According to legend, it marks the spot where Sita was left by Lakshman at the behest of Rama. There are four tanks filled by natural springs. The water is said to cure people of various ailments, particularly mental diseases. The water in these Kunda is cold in summer and warm in winter and the kunds never go dry. The Sitabari fair attracts thousands people who take a bath in the Sita Kund, the Laxman Kund and the Suraj Kund-which are regarded as holy as the Ganges.

Priesthood at the shrine is hereditary and there are various priests attached to the kunds. No offerings are made at the fourth kund which is knows as Bharat Kund because it is considered inauspicious to do so.