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Fairs & Festivals


Jeen Mata and Annakoot Fairs

Jeen Mata fair is held at the shrine of Jeen Mata, a few kilometers from Goriyan railway station in Sikar district, during the Navaratras. Rajputs and Meenas, who worship Kali as the principal deity, throng this shrine and make offering of wine and meat obtained by sacrificing goats and buffalos. The Meenas lend colour and music to the scene.

 Jeen Mata occupies an important place amongst the local deities of Rajasthan. There is a saying in Rajasthan that those who have not had a 'darshan' of the Jeen Mata temple, have not seen anything. 

There are many stories about the deity and miracles performed by Jeen. Jeen Mata temple is located in Adabla Girmala village, south of Rivasi in Sikar district. A mela is held on the occasion of Durga Puja in the temple every year. There is an eight-faced statue of the Devi. Two lamps are lit in front of the statue all the time. It is said that wishes of worshippers are fulfilled after 'darshan' of Jeen Mata.

The Annakoot fair is held in Udaipur district at Nathdwara which is the principal set of the Ballabh sect of Vaishnavas. On Annakoot day, a mountain of food is erected to satisfy the hunger of the lord of the universe. A huge pile of baked rice is prepared in the courtyard of this famous shrine which is grabbed by the Bhils as the Prasad of Kalia Baba. As soon as the doors of the shrine are throngs open, throngs of singing and dancing Bhils rush into the temple and clear up this pile. They keep the rice as a medicine, for they believe it cures many ailments. Parcels of this sacred gift are sent to friends and relatives.