Monday, November 28, 2022
Jammu and Kashmir



Jammu and Kashmir is the only state where education is free up to university stage. Seasonal schools have been opened for people in the hilly areas and for the scheduled castes. 

 Yet the state is educationally backward. Against the national literacy rate of 78.26% for males and 58.01% for females, the state has a literacy figure of only 68.74 %.

On the technical education side, there are two regional engineering colleges in the state. In addition, there are four polytechnics to impart vocational training. District institutes  of education have been opened in all the districts of the state to provide extensive and intensive training to the teachers.

During the Eighth Five year plan period, Physical Education has been made a compulsory subject at the primary level. The core element of this educational strategy is that it will help to lay a strong foundation for the mental development of a child and also for fructification of his inner urges and  aspirations through  development of his physique.