Sunday, December 4, 2022
Jammu and Kashmir


Co-Operative Movement

The co-operative movement gained steady momentum during the last twenty-five years . With a view to building up a self-sustaining economy, the movement have entered the various sectors of the state's economy.

Agriculture credit societies are the kernel of the co-operative movement. Their
main objective is to raise funds by deposits from members and thus encourage thrift and self-help among them. The scope of the movement has since been enlarged and there are not only multi-purpose co-operative societies but also co-operative unions of farmers, labourers, fishermen, milkmen, artisans etc.

The Khadi And Village Industries Board, set up in 1961, has played an important role for the concerned industries, through financing the industries, artisans' societies as well as the individuals.

There are 120 fruit-grower co-operative societies with a membership of 11,228. Five women's co-operatives have been formed . Likewise, a saffron grower's co-operative society has been formed at Pampore, to provide finance and marketing facilities to saffron growers. There are nearly 500 industrial co-operative societies. Thus, all-round efforts are a foot to further the co-operative movement in the state.