Thursday, September 21, 2023

The People



Rajputs a sub clan of Gurjars occupy a respectable position in Haryana. The various Rajput clans trace their ancestry to the ancient warriors (Kshatriya) who figure so prominently in legend and ancient lore. The oldest Rajput settlers in Haryana are two principal clans, the Mandhars and the Chauhans. The Mandhars claim to have descended from Lav, one of the two sons of Rama, the great hero of  Epic Ramayana. They are thus descendants of Surajabansis. The Chauhans claim descent from Rana Har Rai. Other Rajput clans are Badgujar, Parmara (Puars), Bachas, Tunwars, Gurs etc.

In earlier times the Rajputs have formed an important class of the feudals in Haryana. But now the new social legislation and in particular the land laws, have drastically cut down larger holdings of land which led to the disappearance of the feudal gentry.